My Big Fat Altar Ego Weddings Weekend! It's a triple-play!

Altar Ego Weddings is gearing up for our biggest wedding weekend ever!  This weekend marks a couple of special milestones for our business!  This is our first-ever triple-wedding weekend between Dallas and Austin AND one of the Austin weddings is Jen's 100th wedding!  Lots to celebrate in this growing business!  

But, let's not lose sight of the reason why we do this!  We are excited to be helping these amazing couples tie the knot, rain or shine!  We are blessed with wonderful clients who give Altar Ego Weddings their trust to make sure their wedding day goes flawlessly.  We have enjoyed getting to know these guys over the months of planning their weddings and can't wait to see their beautiful weddings come to fruition!  We are humbled to be able to serve our clients!  BIG KUDOS to our Dallas wedding planner Heidi, who will be doing marathon duty and coordinating two of these weddings!  We're also proud to work with awesome teams of vendors on all three of these weddings!

First up, Heidi will be coordinating Savannah and Steve's wedding at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake in Dallas on Friday evening!  Then she'll head to Austin for Claire and Evan's Vintage Villas wedding on Saturday where she'll be joined by our Austin wedding planner Molli.  At the same time, Jen will be doing her 100th wedding for Lynne and Jeff at Austin's Star Hill Ranch!  We're working hard this weekend, but we love it!  It's all worth it to see our beautiful brides enjoy their wedding days without a care in the world!  Congrats to all of our fabulous clients getting married this weekend!  We love y'all!